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Physicians Specialty Lab Systems, LLC

Our in-office point of care rt-PCR testing solution will enable you to immediately increase your practice’s gross revenue.
Physicians Specialty Laboratory Systems, LLC assists our clients in building, staffing, equipping, and operating molecular testing labs at locations across the country. As a result, our clients are able to improve patient care, achieve same day turn-around time around lab tests, and increase the practice’s overall revenue.

Rapid same day test results

Test your patients in-office and get test results during the same visit! Determine which antibiotics your patient needs.

Antibiotic resistance read out

Test results will provide the antibiotic resistance of the organism that presents as positive in your patient's test results. Stop using antibiotics that don’t cure your patient.

Test your patients on a clinical level

By integrating the point of care system into your office. 
Your medical practice will be able to offer enhanced levels of services, increased treatment capabilities and greater  monthly revenues.

Types of Molecular Testing

Nail Fungus
Respiratory Pathogen Panel
Women’s Health & Sexually Transmitted Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Panels
Antibiotic Resistance

PSLS Oversees

Lab Design
Lab Buildout
Equipment Sourcing
CLIA Certification
Personnel hiring and training
Lab validations and certifications
Ongoing Quality Control and Reporting

Setting up A Physician-Owned Lab (POL)

By working with PSLS to build an in-house POL, your practice will grow significantly, and will yield improved outcomes for your patients. PSLS provides all of the consulting services you will need to establish a revenue generating POL for your practice.
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