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In-office Infectious Disease Testing System – rt PCR. We work with well-known manufacturers who provide hardware for laboratories and hospitals nationwide.
Integrate Point of Care Nail Fungus and Wound Pathogen rt-PCR testing today!
The POC can be set up within a small footprint inside your existing clinic.

Nail & Wound Care

The Need For Proper Pathogen Detection

Utilize rt- PCR to rapidly analyze a patient’s nail sample in 48 hours or less. Rt-PCR detects the correct pathogens while allowing providers a more timely and effective way to treat patients.

Wound Molecular Identification

Rt- PCR testing is an innovative solution that is rapid and accurate. It eliminates the guesswork involved in diagnosing and treating wounds, which improves clinical outcomes and decreases patient risk.

Women’s Health & STI’s

A fast and accurate solution gives physicians confidence in diagnosing and treating women’s health infections. Over 1 billion women are affected by infections such as UTIs, vaginitis, urogenital infections, and bacterial vaginosis. Rt-PCR has a higher accuracy than conventional cultures.

Respiratory Pathogen Panel

By utilizing a panel that has an overall sensitivity of 95% and specificity of 99%, accurate diagnostic testing for respiratory pathogens helps identify which patients need antibiotic or antiviral therapy, thereby removing the guesswork in treating patients.

Antibiotic Resistance

Having the ability to detect antibiotic resistance can decrease mortality and morbidity from untreatable diseases. By implementing this panel, physicians are in a position to help reduce the risk of a patient’s pathogens spreading. Research has shown that less time in hospitals decreases the chance of mis-prescribing.
Set forth below are a sampling of the types of test panels our clients typically run in their POLs.

PSLS Clients - Sample Test Panels

Wound, nail Fungus, uti and respiratory

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